Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wed 10.13 You Are For Me

Wed 10.13 You Are For Me
Request for my Sister Angela Walker

My sister wrote me this a few months ago:

"You are a blessing to me!!! When my heart is longing and my mind is whirling and HE reminds me of worship. Your voice, the way HE allows you to usher us into HIS presence!!! Thank you for being obedient I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH N MISS YOU the same."
She had been watching the video blogs here.

Then she sent me this message about this song:

"Kari Jobe- you are for me! You must check this out! Lov lov lov!!!"
July 4 at 10:57pm

When I asked for requests this was her first choice.

This song I sing and I have to let the words sink in because my experience of lie is that I often feel alone and that no one but me is standing up for me. Especially in the support-raising process. I crave help and partners and supporters to say "we believe in what God is calling to do and we'll stand by you BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU!"

The truth is God is saying that, all along, even before I came to know Him, He was FOR me, working things out so that I would have the opportunity to receive Him and then grow to become like His son Jesus.

My earnest desire is to be Jesus with skin on to this generation of French families and young adults so that they will come to know Him and then share Him with their friends and families.

Would you be willing to support that? If so, here's how:

1-Go To (United World Mission)

(bottom middle block (Donate Online / Invest Globally)),

3-Click NEW DONORS (unless you've given before),

4-You'll be asked to create an account where you can make a one-time OR recurring donation.

5-In comments section put Ricardo L. Walker 31348

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