Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sat 10.16 Hallelujah

Sat 10.16 Hallelujah

Request:#2-Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
by Julie E. Clardy (in her own words)

Okay, so I'm not sure if there are supposed to be reasons as to why these are the songs in which we choose...But here is my explanation as to why I chose [this song]...
I know it is an odd one & this song in fact took me a while to meditate over.
Why? Because I know there are times when it is seen so much in the secular world that the meaning is questionable.
Is there such a thing as a broken Hallelujah? In my heart I know there is not. A Hallelujah is a Hallelujah. However, there are times when I (and maybe I am the only one in the world who has ever felt this way), feel as if I am so broken from earthly things that all I can do is say Hallelujah.
Is it broken(Hallelujah)? Absolutely not. Am I broken? Absolutely yes. There are times in our lives when we are so broken that we reach inside of ourselves to find God and find who we are. In those times when we search so deep to find a voice to reconcile it all and all that manages to come out is a Hallelujah.
Not a broken Hallelujah, however, a Hallelujah from a broken person.
David loved God with all of his heart and soul, but there were times when he too, was broken. Through the brokenness we reach to find the voice that cries out Hallelujah.

I apologize for the lengthiness. Love you & still can't believe you will spend the rest of your earthly life testifying in France to what Christ has done for you, for me, for us."

I, Ricardo, absolutely agree. It's interesting how much this song has in common with Amy Grant's Better Than A Hallelujah. Both really point to the state of the person singing the Hallelujah and the way they are reaching out for healing in their brokenness. That's me sometimes too Jules.
Thank you for requesting and for reminding all of us what we, the French,,and all the unreached need most-to reach out to God no matter what our circumstance and have faith that He will hear and understand even a "broken" Hallelujah.

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