Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beginning of the End...

The beginning of the end...
CIT Training, in fact all of my Formal Pre-field Training ends tomorrow.

Formal training ends and implementing begins. I learned more about how much I still have to learn than anything else! What I've learned is:
*how little I know,
*that every leader should never stop learning,
*to arrive in France not with solutions but listening to the culture, the language, and the people as a learner...
*to let the Holy Spirit speak any answers to the French
*how easy it is to love people you've known for only 11 weeks
*and to assist the French by helping facilitate the training of leaders along side them and BEING THE CHURCH FIRST, LAST  
to see churches planted that are truly French and make God smile...

More to come on what I learned this summer and at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

Still at 66%. 100% needed to leave!Are you involved and connected yet? If not...To donate & partner with me for France with Brie church. 
1-Go to
2-Click Give
3-Click Register (to Create an Account)
4-Click Missionary and choose Walker, Ricardo 31348 from a drop down list
5-Make your first donation and set it as recurring! A bientot (see ya soon)!

Photos of Team Training below video...A bientot!

Check out the 3 videos. 
1-The first is about Team Brie in France.

Église de la Brie from Go2819 on Vimeo.

2-The second is a promotional video for the Training Program I've attended all summer. Check out that dashing guy who ends with a heart-felt personal endorsement. Haha. Just kidding!


3-And finally a video for the Modern Psalm Project Fans...a cover of Gungor's Cannot Keep!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keehn Adoption and Untitled by Blaine Hogan

Dear friends,
2 Important Endorsements

1-Heather and Brian Keehn have opened their hearts and home to adopting from Ethiopia. They have 2 boys Cale and Quinn who are still toddlers but are already planning the next addition. I have know this couple since before they married and always at the center, at their center is allowing God to answer the question "what next?"
Madwire Media is helping and encouraging them by donating a dollar everytime a new person likes their Facebook page. They always put a boundary/conditions on the campaign. The next one will be announced on Monday. I always link it on my Facebook. My Facebook: Click Here.
The direct link to Madwire Media's Facebook: Click Here. But don't like UNTIL they start the campaign.

2-Untitled by Blaine Hogan
I followed Blaine on twitter after the Summit last year I think. Follow him on twitter: Click Here. He's on the team that puts together a lot of what we see visually at the Summit. He also writes. He allowed me the great privilege to preview and read his E-book on the creative process. Here is my review after several readings:

I have read this small but powerful book several times now. It's not just for people who CALL themselves artists. It's for everyone who wants to make something more of his and her life! I was inspired by the processes modeled but even maybe without meaning to Blaine Hogan inspired me to never stop being creative, to always be listening because THE creative power of this universe is ALWAYS "speaking."

Here is a link to the E-book on Amazon. Click Here. You can also find it in the E-book store on amazon and read on your PC like I did even if you don't own a kindle. I actually read it also my iPad2.
Check it out...God spoke clearly there, if we will listen!