Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun 8.1 Young

Sun 8.1 Young In honor of the message I decided to reminisce about my young CUMC friends. Jeff talked about how the DNA of our church has always included a ministry/service to young adults. I joined the church during that season and made friends with the college crew, walkin the walk alongside them. It not only kept me young at heart but their passion for Jesus is contagious. Now I've sung in dozens of their weddings and rocked a dozen of thee babies as they build lives around godly familes! I want to walk alongside a whole new generation of young adults and families in France. This song talks about that godly compulsion. "I will live To carry Your compassion To love a world that’s broken To be Your hands and feet I will give With the life that I’ve been given And go beyond religion To see the world be changed By the power of Your name"

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