Monday, August 23, 2010

Mon 8.23 Repetition

Mon 8.23 Repetition There is an awe in me awakened by the speaking and hearing of deeply true words. I mean God merely SPOKE everything into existence didn't He? Romans 4 says it this way 17 as it is written, life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not (yet)exist. So it stands to reason that if WE speak His words over and over again they will BECOME true for us,in us, as well! I love love love THE WORD! I love the metaphors that can be taken literally because even ROCK isn't as strong as God so He IS our Rock. For me scripture memory is part of my armor and it waters the soil of my soul and mends my tattered faith anew! He says we have victory and share in Christ's inheritance. He says we shall be his witness in Jerusalem Judaea Samaria and the uttermost ends of the earth. Locally. In our region. In our country. And to the furthest nation and tribe. I believe He spoke to me and said Go like He did to Abraham. Leave your family and your home and Go build the Church, My Bride, in France. Help me do that? To help 55,000,000 who need Him! 2- Click DONATE NOW (bottom middle block (Donate Online Invest Globally)), 3-then click New Donors (unless you've given before), You'll be asked to create an account where you can make a one-time OR recurring donation. In comments section put Ricardo L. Walker 31348

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