Monday, September 13, 2010

Fri-Mon 9.10-9.13 WHEW!

Fri-Mon 9.10-9.13 WHEW!
In just four short day I took the funniest car ride this decade and developed Stockholm syndrome from the girl who kidnapped me to get me to a free viewing of kings of Leon in Charlotte. I came back to immediately head at 4 am to a dog-sitting engagement. I had already been up late the nite before hangin with my buddy AC. I tried to rest Saturday but ended up workin on fundraising calls and emails as well as hangin a bit with some adopted family Saturday nite. I finished 8 hrs or work reports over the weekend and read 2.5 books.
Sermon #2 yesterday in the EXPEDITION left me maudlin. I see the Bride of Christ becoming more what she should be HERE and I want to be a part of it but I am convinced to my core that my future in in France helping birth generations of young and mature spiritual followers of Christ who can do the same.

Then before Sunrise:30 I was at YOUR NEXT STEPS INSTITUTE 6-8 am, yes A.M.!
And I have been wrecked the rest of the day. Wrecked because I know my purpose is clearly to disciple here and abroad. I was a little sad because I wish I had more spiritual fathers referred to in class today. I have lots of Brothers and Sisters and children whom I have labored with or taught but not many who have decisively built into me.
Doug Dorman calls us spiritual orphans who have kinda reached young adulthood or maturity by piecing together Sunday teaching and books and podcasts and some life-to-life journeying, but not enough. BUT he says people disciple those who are like them or in whom they see a hunger. So I'm prayin to be hungry and then filled in an endlessly growing cycle.
There's a passage in Acts where two disciples are discussing the Scriptures, a man appears and begins to unfold for them the Truth of the Word so clearly from Genesis onward, so clearly that after He reveals that "He" is Jesus they are say something like...well, duh!
What they said was "Did NOT our hearts BURN within us..."
In essence I hear..."we should have known because of the intense burning spiritual agreement His clear teaching caused IN US."

Now I'm not calling Doug Dorman He unfolded the clearest and most compelling summary of the Mission of the church and what Jesus called us to do in Making DiscipleMAKERS!

I'll post a video here tonite but just pray that the stirring in me would result in much more FRUIT that lasts! The fruit people who can disciple other people!

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