Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fri 12.03 BE the GOSPEL

1 Peter 3:1 that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by [your] behavior..
    This passage always reminds me how much more we can show people the Gospel instead of just "telling" them. Lorenzo, the French Pastor of the church plant here in the North shared the vision for the church and this passage describes it well!
    Meeting with French leaders today leaves me with two impressions: 1-This work is authentically FRENCH (led and in character) and 2-They desire most to see the "congregation" BE the church, more than words, to their co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.
    Kirsten and Chris have been awesome hosts and sincere in our time of sharing our hearts together. They have been transparent about the difficulties they had in getting here, in getting settled, and then in obstacles until they moved from one home to another here in Gretz. The kids, Maren and her little brother Reece, have been so energetic and fun. It has ben cold outside but so warm and really friendly inside.
    I met Pierre-Yves another of the pastoral team here in his Alsacian shop for Catering that regions type of food. See, even the Pastor's here are vocational.
Chris is here as an artist. Everyone is expected to have a connection to the community outside the "church" as part of their "ministry."
   I have been smiling inside because in discussions it has been clear that the things I would love most to do in my free time would actually be a legitimate way to be vocational as part of this team, if I am invited to join them. Using my singing, "Gospel Music" here, and performing with my keyboard, as well as Giving private Conversational English Lessons would be a legitimate way for me to be here. I would also then be allowed to always be enrolled in a class or two to be connected to students in the University system. I would then be able to disciple and spend time with young people and BE THE GOSPEL until it was natural to share the Gospel when they become receptive and interested.
     That is my hearts desire I think. An opportunity to be myself in a way that serves and enlarges the church while bringing French people closer to Jesus and each other!
    Chris, Kirsten and I ended the evening talking and then watching Fringe. It was a mind-boggling episode. I was pretty worn out from not sleeping long enough Thursday night.
     It's Saturday morning and I'm taking some time to relax before Chad Hallowell, one of 2 of UWM's Area Directors for Europe. He will be here until after I leave on Monday. He'll be sharing more of UWM's vision for the two church plants and helping figure out where I belong and connecting with the French leaders here in the north while he's here.
    Then tonight and tomorrow I see the French church's group activities in action. Please pray for eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to perceive all that God would speak in these last 3 days here!
    I'm ending with this video of Reece and his deep voice and Maren his sister. He has the most unique voice!?!

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