Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wed 7.7 FLAME

Wed 7.7 FLAME "Let worship be the fuel for mission's flame We're going with a passion for Your name We're going for we care about Your praise Send us out Let worship be the heart of mission's aim To see the nations recognise Your fame 'Til every tribe and tongue voices Your praise Send us out I've been asked if the real reason I'm goin to France is touristic. Brie, the town where United World Mission is planting has 60,000 with no congregation of believers before our effort. I liken the lack of the gospel there to the lack of food and clean water in Third World Nations like Haiti. Yes the French are well provisioned and healthy BUT my hearts weeps for a people who could live their WHOLE lives and never even MEET a follower of Christ. Who is sending gospel aid workers? Send ME! I wanna help take back a Nation of fiercely loyal and loving people with less than 1% evangelical believers.

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