Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sun 7.11 Relationships

"like D & J, Nothing can separate us" I'm no expert at relationships. Just in this calendar year I have had complications in every relationship I cherish with immediate family and romantically. But in each one I have this thing I say... "Minimum 70 year commitment!" I figure if you still want out 70 years from now I'll be too old to be devastated. And you'll be to old to quit. :) In the words of today's sermon I have been left holding my end of a commitment in relationships it feels I'm in alone. My sis decided she didn't need a big brother for a few months. My twin didn't return my call on our birthday. My dad didn't pick up on Father's day. The girl I thought would say I do said she doesn't. 10yrs ago God used new relationships at CUMC to heal my relationally broken heart. I adopted a commitment to relationships based on that made by David and Jonathan when they made a covenant of friendship. The only other covenants biblically are between us and God or between husband and wife. I always end my emails "like D & J Nothing can separate us" This message is so clear and pierces deep! Sermon Sunday July 11 2010

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