Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thu 7.22 CLOSER

Thu 7.22 CLOSER Remember how empty, hungry...thirsty you were before Jesus. Substitutes didn't satisfy. You had an emptiness that maybe you weren't sure how to fill until He poured out His love and keeps on pouring into your heart. James 4:8 Come near (close, closer) to God and he will come near to you. This song "Draw Me Close To You" is a prayer and worship all at once. If ever there were a "Modern Psalm" then surely this song is! To hear You say that I'm your friend You are my desire No one else will do Nothing else can take your place Help me find a way, Lord bring me back to You You're all I want You're all I've ever needed You're all I want Help me know You are near There is a nation of about 65 Million who share the emptiness that they don't know how to fill. There are so few Followers of Christ in the nation that most people die never even seeing Christ at work in the life of those who love Him. Would you pray about helping? Ricardo L. Walker 843.446.3348 Missionary to France by God's grace with your help!

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