Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wed 6.30 Cost

Wed 6.30 Cost I have not been able to get away from this idea that freedom in Christ IS "free" in that we do nothing to earn it. We need it and it has been provided free of charge. But my soul has been wrecked today by how much it cost Jesus to purchase our freedom! How much it must have cost the Father to plan the crucifixion and then watch it unfold WITHOUT INTERVENING TO STOP IT. From Adam to Judas to you,...God paid the price Himself for you to have the freedom to choose...or even reject Himself. Daily He bears the pain and disappointment of our broken promises and failures to live in this freedom so dearly purchased. So,.. freely, I choose to offer Him back my ALL. My will is that we would be like David in 2 Samuel 24:24, when God directed him to worship and make sacrifice, who could not do so without giving something back. I pray His words will be our words... "I will not offer to my God that which costs me nothing." My quiet time led me to the song "Here I Am To Worship." I was undone by the line "I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that Cross." Secretly I believe when we see face to face and know as we are known...that we WILL know how much it cost and our new hearts and bodies will overflow with love that they can finally contain IT! Don't you want that? Don't you want that for all the people you love? Don't you wish your enemies wanted that? This is why I am called to cross cultural missions. The French don't yet know that this is what they want but I know that SOME will choose Him given the opportunity. Anyone with me?

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