Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sun 6.13 Song+Word=Facedown

Sun 6.13 Song+Word=Facedown Matt Readmans album by the same name might be the most impactful album of its kind for me. If I could only take one album with me on an island this is a contender. I discovered and kept it on repeat on our Mission Trip to France in 2005. It is the soundtrack to my memories of that time. The title track sounds like what Isaiah would have written if he'd been a Psalmist after his encounter in chapter 6. I think there is a direct correlation between the awe-producing revelation of God's glory and Isaiah's response. Just a glimpse of His glory was enough for Him to offer all of Himself and to beg God to send him to increase His Kingdom. When worship does what is should, God is more glorified than He was and the worshipper is impacted by the clearer revelation of that glory enough to do something about it! I long to return to France to help lead my francophone brothers and sisters to Jesus so THAT HIS GLORY MAY ELICIT THE SAME RESPONSE IN THEM!

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