Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday May 19 - Word+Song 6- Gospel

Wednesday May 19 - Word+Song 6- Gospel.
Good News.
THE Good News. This song tells all the ways Jesus is Good news to us in a style that is intrinsically part of who I am...not just as a musician or music lover but as a person. I love good sangin but I also love the way even when you are in the center of His will, life presses and squeezes that kind of sangin out of ya. Praise means so much more when you have something to be grateful for, when you've been rescued of healed from something. You may not need help finding food or clothing everyday. You may be able to pay your bills, all on time. But if you haven't had a life-altering encounter with the Living God in the person of His son Jesus then you are missin out. The greatest poverty is the soul's need for Jesus. That's why He called me to France. They don't need mosquito nets or well dug. But they think "Gospel" is a style of music sung typically by black people. They don't know there is a message. I am a messenger.

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