Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday May 20 Song+Word 7 HAPPY

Thursday May 20 Song+Word 7 HAPPY
In the last 24 hours God repaired a mentoring relationship that I believed was hopeless. He also set up a divine moment with a friend who has chosen NOT to follow Christ for a season. She revealed her loneliness and how she misses our fellowship from when she was involved in young adult ministry (my passion.) My friend promised to set a date for her return. An end date for reconciliation. My hoped flared like a phoenix rising from the ashes of faithless fear for her soul. I was reminded yet again how we abuse the grace and revelation we have of Jesus when so many abroad will jump at the chance to walk with and serve God...if only someone would introduce them to Him.
I love to walk thru life with younger men and women searching for or excited about God and trying to figure out what that should look like. Their fire is contagious and joy comes simply from growing, suffering, learning, failing AND succeeding TOGETHER.
The Worst kind of Poverty is the Need 4 Reconciliation with God-The best way 2 obey the Great Commandment is 2 Fulfill the Great Commission
I am HAPPY because Jesus is so faithful. And because He sent a new Sponsor for France today! This song is a complete picture of the JOY of the Gospel and of our eternal present AND future with Him!

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