Thursday, May 13, 2010

1 Song 1 + Word - Everyday - A Video Blog

1 Song + 1 Word
A Modern Psalm Project
Origin-Last Nite I attended a preview of the 2010 Leadership Summit. It is the number one event I make a priority every year, above any other conference or vacation destination, to attend. Leaders from around the world come together for 2 days to impart wisdom and passion and to re-inspire us to follow Christ and serve Him fully.(August 5-6 2010)
Tonite I was re-energized by TD Jakes talk from a prior Summit. I was reminded that if I believe God called me to lead worship and to make disciples in France then I ought to be focused on doing those things every day.
Premise-I have been inspired to share a worship song every day for the rest of the year with a brief update on how it connects me to God and to His purposes for me.
1-One new song video posted Monday-Saturday of me singing a song to or about God. I will challenge your notion of what can be sung to or about Him. Me+the piano. For now. God has a way of taking our plans and running at LightSpeed with them.
2-Sundays I will REST. This is an area where I need to grow. So on Saturday Night I will post a video (for Sunday) of some other artist who inspires me and encourages me through their music.
3-Each video with include a brief written thought, scripture or message about how God led me to that particular song. The "WORD" WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE VIDEO'S "DESCRIPTION."
You will learn a lot about me and my journey with Christ through our love songs. Even when I fail, or fall...this is part of how He restores and renews me.
Purpose-Each post will end with a shameless update on the progress of Raising Prayer and Financial support for full-time Missions in France. I know that He has called me to love Him full-time and to help the French do the same. I pray YOU will be invited to draw closer to Christ. You will be invited to help the French to do the same. Through your growing Love for Christ You will be compelled to pray with and for this Mission until it becomes Reality.

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