Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday May 17 - Song 4 - Beautiful the BLOOD

Monday May 17 - Word 4-BLOOD
The paradox is that in order to even see blood there has to be a wound,a cut, a gash. And we find the sight of blood gruesome. Yet part of my is so grateful for Jesus blood shed for me that I can find beauty in that scandalous suffering that was fuel by LOVE that can make anything beautiful...even me...even YOU. The significance of His blood holds power for me because he commanded us to remember it every time we eat, and he declared that we must ingest HIM, His Flesh and His Blood in order to follow and belong thru Him to His Father. His Blood reminds me that if the Blood of this ONE pure spotless Lamb of God had not been poured out for me over the mercy seat then my sin require the satisfaction of God's wrath thru no less than my own eternal death. My desire is that the French come to learn that His Blood was shed for each of them as well. They don't know YET. They are UNREACHED.


  1. Fantastic idea. Great, great words!! Love you, brother!! <3