Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Atlanta Trip and Myrtle Beach Friends

So as you know I my last update was 2 weeks ago as we were finishing up February appointments and travels.The most exciting part of that time was heading to Atlanta to reconnect with Lorenzo Monge, the Pastor of Brie Church and , well really a friend. It was like a mini-family reunion of 3 as he, Jim Erickson (spelling?) of Northpoint and I attended the 2nd service together. Northpoint has been a great friend to Brie Church which I will elaborate upon in future posts!
Here we are in the balcony (pre-service).
I actually heard the song "Never Once" for the first time minutes after these photos were taken and have listened to it every day since. It is exactly my heart's picture of this long journey so far.
And my hope of where He will continue to lead as I f"finally" get to France!
Sanctuary pre-service and empty.
Santuary FILLED
Excitement as we get ready to begin!
Men's Resources One Shelf
Women's Resources Two Shelves
Need I say more...hahaha
Just kidding but I do think it's funny!
After service we "brunched" Chez les Long
at the home of Scott and Emilie Long
She is French, married to an American. They have been friends of Lorezno and Brie Church for a long time and are excited about God working in their country afresh!
Amy was the "scout" from Northpoint who connected initially with Lorenzo and Mary-Alice when they both discovered here is the partnership that we've been searching for where we are already on the same page!

Amy giving us a BRIE'f history.

Lorenzo sharing
I cried with him a few times as he shared even tho he will never admit to crying  :)

I stayed with my friends Ben and Erin Lee the night before and got to reconnect with their new son Nate!
What a ham! I love him and them!
 Back in Myrtle Beach I've been loving on AC and Kinsey's new son Micah Ephraim Muller
A bot and his Bluncle
 This is me and Noah Benjamin Ortiz, son of my brother and friends Jamin and Lauree Ortiz
That smile shows how big his heart already is!!!
 The same day I left for Atlanta started early with a presentation at a Men's Prayer Breakfast in Conway at the first church I attended when I moved here. I later joined Trinity UMC as it's first African American Member. Please pray for an opportunity to share with the family there before I leave!
Thank you to Leon Hamm for making this happen!
 The Blanton's won this painting and "Rises" donated by Caitlin Beidler last year to benefit this Mission!
They also won a $50 Gift Certificate to the restaurant of their choice!!!
We're giving away another $50 gift certificate for the top connector in March.
 Cade Blanton accepting the Top Connector Week 2 Prize
Julie Clardy accepting the Top Connector Week 3 Prize

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