Saturday, May 21, 2011

NC Here we come!!! Next Step-Training 6/6-8/19

God did it! Through new partners and my coaches and directors I have been cleared to leave for training in North Carolina at CIT! Training lasts 2 and a half months and covers Bible basics, cultural and language studies. I feel confident about having a head start in all of these areas thanks to phenomenal programs like Your Next Step Institute here in Myrtle Beach! We graduate that training this Wednesday night.
     Here is the text I received today (Sat morning 5/21) from my support-raising "coach" Mark with UWM.
"Ricardo. It is a go. I will call [the CIT registrar] Monday to let her know you'll be coming. Also you'll need to call to get your [housing] arrangements set." My heart soared and as I told Mark I did a Pentecostal dance of holy happiness. We had set Monday 5/23 as the day we would evaluate whether enough progress has been made to warrant heading to training. However we passed the progress goal of 60% early! How can I thank all the current partners who doubled (and quadrupled) their pledges? How can I adequately show the gratitude I feel for new partners who took us from 50% at the beginning of this month to 60% in only 3 weeks!!!
     So what happens now?
1-On Sunday Jun 5th my family at Christ United Methodist send me off to NC with prayer. I move to Union Mills NC to begin training on 6/6 BUT I continue to raise support today and onward even during training. I will still be able to travel to share with groups and churches or individuals, mostly on weekends only. So that' how you can help. You can share for me with your group or church or you can help me secure an invitation to share there. I NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. Tell your friends. Share this website/blog. Share our May Newsletter. Here's the secure link:
Our goal is to end training at at least 80%!
2-After training I'm not sure where I will live but I will then continue to travel in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Charlotte, Lancaster and wherever else invited to raise support and new partners until we reach 100% together. Only then can I depart for Brie-Comte Robert, France where I'll be moving permanently to aid my already beloved teammates at Brie Church.
So keep praying and stay in touch. I am sure this next few months will be emotional taste of that final permanent move later this year.
Last night I attended a preview of the Global Leadership Summit. It's the MOST EMPOWERING SPIRITUAL event of my year every year.  In August of 2010 in particular the last Summit found me in a depression over a lost relationship and down to 5% of monthly support for France. I was perfectly placed to hear Jeff Manion's talk "The Land Between" which is the talk we watched again last night. It was quite moving to hear how the "Sinai Desert"s of my life can be fertile ground for bitterness and depression like in August 2010 or fertile ground for growth and trust. The first time I heard it I decided to just trust God that all was going according to His plan and...WOW! Look where we are today! Here's a link to that talk, in case you find yourself "in between." Let Manion's walk through the word bring you to a place of trust and healing.
I'll close with an opportunity. In October at Catalyst I pledged my birthday to Charity Water. Several celebrities have led Birthday campaign's that have raised millions. Every $20 provides clean water for one person. An average water project costs $5,000 and can serve a community of 250+ people. In honor of my 40th Birthday June 1st I am attempting to fund ONE water project. Here's the link to find out more and to give clean water (Eau Claire)
 the way Brie Church will bring Living Water to the people of France!
To partner with me and with Brie church
1-Go to
2-Click Give
3-Click Register (to Create an Account)
4-Click Missionary and choose Walker, Ricardo 31348 from a drop down list
5-Make your first donation and set it as recurring!
A bientot (see ya soon)!
Here's a recent worship favorite. Enjoy!

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