Thursday, March 10, 2011

"March"-ing Forward

"I remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13
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These past weeks have been all about relationships.
First I attended 2 sweet weddings! So sweet and powerful it made me think that's EXACTLY why Jesus' 1st Miracle occurred at a wedding! Faithfulness and excess of Love!
The 2nd wedding took place at Trinity UMC where I became a member after I 1st moved to Horry County in 1994-1995
See Photo below:

I sang my 1st solo "There Is A Savior" in the choir loft below this very window!
All month God has been sending me messages about my health. The pic of Brayden and me is at a Diabetes Fundraiser where I was invited to set up a Missions booth with another Missionary. My new doctor became my new doctor yesterday BECAUSE she tested my blood glucose level earlier at that event and insisted I come see her. That same nite at the birthday party I got another dose of nudging when unbeknown-st to me I sit across from Jeremy's mom who is a Nutritionist and specifically had advice about supplements and diet for me.
Holding Brayden Page while he sleeps Sunday afternoon.

Precious Dreams.
Sunday Nite @ Jeremy Alford's B-Day Party
Justin, Ada & Tuller

Today I allowed a friend to give me a crash course in diabetes management in a hospital cafeteria.
I found out I was diabetic in the same hospital in the summer of 2009 but have not seen a doctor since...until yesterday. The lady seated next to us, enjoying her lunch break, was the Diabetes Educator...who remembered my name as a referral from 2009 who never showed up, lol! Needless to say we rescheduled and I will show up this time, lol! I keep saying God will care for the sparrows, the lilies, and me...but He expects me to submit to care and to treatment. So I am. And I have seen His goodness in the land of the living! I feel better already. Now I can start running again!

I will be sharing at Surfside Presbyterian this Sunday morning. Please pray for anointing and for fruit!
The Beaux Arts-Silent Auction is coming up March 19th 4:00-8:00 at Abiding Village.
Food, music by me and other musicians, art and fun!

The most exciting news is God keeps adding monthly partners to our team every week! On my trip home both my mom and dad yielded to sponsoring this Church Plant on a monthly basis! I was so happy I cried, both times! (They are together: I just saw them at different times/places that day!) Mom has consistently tried to convince me it is God's will for me to stay or to move back to my Hometown. This is a huge step for her, accepting that her firstborn will be thousands of miles away but RIGHT where God WANTS him!

The video is from an OUTREACH that my men's group (Seacoast Men since Jan 2005) facilitates at Conway Manor on 701 in Conway, every 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm. I usually arrive a little early (6:30ish) and set up, then lead worship until 7:00.
Today's video is especially for littlest fan!!! Love you mon amie!!!

Enjoy the video. It and all the other Modern Psalm Videos I have covered can be found at my YouTube Channel:


  1. Ricardo, friend. It was so nice to see you at Jeremy's b-day party. I had to MUTE American Idol to listen to your song - and it was waaay better. The last shall be first one day, buddy! You can take that to the bank! Your psalm project is on fire, friend! I wish I could write you a check for that 55%, but HE has something even better, you gotta believe it...your santification in the waiting process. ALSO, you are written in my journal to petition for and I know that I know that I know He hears me. All the blessings in heaven to you tonight.

  2. Annorah says "Good job 'Cardo!" ;-)