Saturday, March 12, 2011


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The Lord is my strength and my song, 
and He has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise Him...Ex15:2

10 Things that make me...ME:
1 -Music, worship especially, energizes me. It IS spiritual food.
2 -I grew up in the country, small town and helped my grandpa on his farm. Pigs, huntin dogs, peanuts, potatoes, corn okra.
3 -I prefer big cities, metropolitan places with lots to do and people overflowin. Myrtle Beach has some of that while still "feeling" like a small town.
4 -I am a Diabetes Overcomer, thanx to the accountability of many medical friends!
5 -I am learning Arabic very slowly for potential relationships in Paris. Slowly I emphasize.
6 -I can skin and dress (prepare carcass) any animal you hunt except deer. But I don't like to. Thanx dad.
7 -I am a fraternal, non-identical twin. We're opposites and don't look alike.
8 -The misuse of Me and I is a Dragon Peeve, not a pet peeve. If you would say "me" alone then you must also say "me" in combo...even if "I" sounds smarter. That really bothers...ME. : )
9 -I am a Godfather x1, an uncle x1 and a bl'uncle many times over! My happiest titles will be Husband&Father someday.
10-Pop music is my guilty pleasure. Big voices or catchy tunes that can be covered with extra soul. Christina & J-Hud. So I like the music on GLEE but not the not-so-hidden-agendas. And Idol when they have good singers like Clarkson, Hudson, Fantasia, Gokey and Archuleta. This season one contestant gave such a wimpy rendition of "Breakway" by Clarkson I had to go dig mine up to compare. How can you NOT sing this song with UMPFFF? I mean if you've ever "longed for what could be" then surely you can feel it in this song!

I spoke to a small group that was full to the brim with kids and friendship and family. One member announced they would move soon. It brought tears to my eyes as the group celebrated and grieved all at once. And it brought home the reality that in a few months I will do the same. Not only Breakaway from my small town roots but from my Myrtle 
Beach and Church Family. That surgery will be one of the most painful griefs of my life. Preparing my heart in advance.

France Update: 50% !!!!

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