Thursday, June 18, 2009

New French Friend. &New Cover Song=Help me win $100.

Posted New Cover Song pics & vids of my kids so far in Summer Program on my facebook page. One the kids' memory verses really stickin with me. Ps 27:8 My heart tells me 2 pray. They have really memorized some big and small but powerful portions of scripture. It's made me more conscious to hide his word in my heart. There's a great story of God's faithfullness after the following video information.
Let me explain the post title. I'm gonna post a link to the same video tonight but at Wekastar where everyone posts vidoes or votes on them in weekly cash prize competitions. To vote you have to sign up but very little info is needed. I've received no spam from them. And they legitimately provide the prizes they claim and even sign some of the more popular winners. I have no delusions of grandeur but if I can win money for doing something I already do veryday for free and because I love it... well that's a no brainer!
So go to to sign up so you can vote.
Then come back here tomorrow to look for the link to my Competition Entry Video. And vote for it!!!!
In other exciting news:
I was grocery shopping Tuesday while killing time after work (and my workout after that) before my mens group.
I randomly chose the Surfside Walmart because I had a gift card to that chain.
I chose my healthy fresh fruits and vegetable and headed for my normal 20 items or less line.
It was a mile long!
I scanned the other lines and they were way shorter!
"Weird," I thought.
Then I almost changed lanes 10 times waiting for the people in front of me to move up enough to make sure no one broke in line.
I stayed put and they moved.
Finally it was my turn.
I squinted at the screen, trying to pay. I had taken out my contacts in the car because my eyes were burning.
I couldn't see squat beyond about a foot.
So the clerk, a nice middle-aged lady with a blurry name-tag, kindly helped me complete my purchase.
Being blind probably helped me to listen better. I distinctly thought I heard an accent...a FRENCH accent.
So I immediately grilled her in French! Translation goes something like this:
"I hear an accent. Do you speak French?"
"Yes, I do! And so do you!."
We were both so happy to meet that we exchanged cards and she hinted at inviting me to dinner. She even volunteered that she works there every Mon and Tues as a tacit invitation to return to chat.
It came at a time when my fundraising numbers don't reflect my passion for the vision to bring the French back to Christ. I felt it was God's way of affirming that goal.
I mean, what if I had gone to the Walmart closest to my home instead? Or had decided to stop there on one of the 5 days of the week when she doesn't work? Or what if there hadn't ben an unusual crowd of Less-than-20-item shoppers that day? Or what if my impatience had led me to another lane.
I don't know how God will use this relationship to bless Claudine? I don't even know where she stands in relation to God or whether she has family or friends here.
What I do know is that meeting her has already blessed me by encouraging me to keep working to gain supporters no matter how long it takes.
Please continue to pray for the Mission to France and begin praying for God to reveal his plans for my friendship with Claudine.
And may whatever it is bring him Maximum Glory!!!

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  1. Great story! And it was great catching up today!