Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update David Braesch from 2005 Mission Vision Trip to France! My Call to France!

Here is how God called me to France: In 2005 I came to France as a camp counselor to see if God could use me to impact the eternity of French young people. The final night of camp I had the immense privilege of leading David B. to the Lord!

This picture is from his Facebook TONIGHT(Oct 9th 2013). He's at University,one of a few Christians in the whole city,in the organization posted at the bottom. At the top he is INVITING fellow students (mostly atheists) to learn about and grow in the faith. Your prayers and pledges don't just impact ONE eternity but also the eternity of every person converted through EACH disciple-maker! At Brie church we are, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, laboring to make disciples who can make disciples. JOIN us by pledging even $5 a month. Until Jesus Comes back.
Pray about supporting this ministry on a MONTHLY basis. One time gifts are great. But monthly gifts say to UWM(my covering agency) that my budget is covered and say to ME that God indeed provides where He calls. And thank you to those faithful hearts already praying with us!!!

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