Thursday, October 10, 2013

Transformed Lives: Baptisms at Brie Church Oct 13th, 2013

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There is No Greater Poverty than the Need for the Gospel

Lord, to whom shall we go?
YOU have the words of  ETERNAL LIFE!

John 6:68


This year at Brie Church we baptized:

* a husband and professing atheist

* his wife, a practicing medium
* a 40 year-old preacher's kid who had left the church "for good" 20 years ago

* a young Muslim woman (by marriage)...

This Sunday we will baptize another FORMER medium, "Claire" who renounced all her dark practices and even burned every book and item that could be linked to the occult.

"Claire"only started coming to the church during all the renovations right after we purchased the building in June of 2012. She was immediately shocked by the level of intimacy and the immensity of love shared by our team and church family.

She rightly concluded, since it's part of our vision, that the life of the church isn't in coming on Sundays but in journeying together all week in Small Groups and daily in authentic love relationships..

She famously said after a few months "Well this is the end of psychotherapy! Who needs that when you can share your junk and be so encouraged and loved! What a weight off!"

Then in the Spring of 2013, she experienced the baptisms mentioned above. She serves with and attends small group with the couple cited. The transformation drew her in but her eyes were still clouded by her past. She had a hard time seeing the truth of the Gospel and understanding the Trinity. So she asked to have two of the team leaders disciple her in a more intimate setting where she could study Romans and ask questions at her own pace.

Then she GOT IT! She began to use her own words to describe her conversion and the clear truth of her sinfulness which led her to see her need for Jesus and to accept His sacrifice, Salvation and the promise of Eternal Life. So this summer she announced she would like to be baptized in the Fall!

She has since been attacked financially and emotionally. Much of her income, as a single mother, depended on her "powers". When she abandoned all practices not rooted in Christ she left behind angry customers and lost all her friends who reject her and her faith. She still has many administrative gifts and is an experienced massage therapist and organic food consultant.

Please pray for gainful employment and for "Claire" to be strengthened in her faith and surrounded by the love of this local body of the Church!

So Sunday at 5:00pm our time, 11:00AM EST think of "Claire" and of "Pierre" who will be baptized with much JOY at Eglise de la Brie!!!

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As always...THANK YOU. These miracles happen because you are praying for and with us...and because you are directly supporting this mission thru your missionary! Merci for your faithfulness and generosity!!

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