Tuesday, May 8, 2012

East Coast Support Trip: Legs 3-4 DC and NY

I left Charleston Sat 4/21 and arrived that afternoon in DC and Chevy Chase, MD. The Church Sanctuary where I played literally straddles the border : ) The presentations there were so anointed and full of Holy Spirit sharing and responding. I was as moved as our listeners were! Ed and Patty Kelaher welcomed me into their home, the parsonage just next door and hosted me so well it felt like leaving dear friends when it came time to leave.

 Banner Behind where I shared for the Rector's Hour. For the other services I was introduced and for one I offered all of the Communion Hymns.

 Theyadded me to their Missions Map :First in Europe!!!

 Members of the Prayer Team and of The Global Outreach Team took me to Lunch right after I shared at 3 of 4 Services! I shared one more time at the evening service later : )
All the Artwork at Clyde's is French Mediterranean!

 Coat rack attached to the booth!?!?! So great an Idea I took a photo!
All this by Sunday 4/22! I then spent the next 2 days seeing the Nation's Capital, the parts I missed in February. Then I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with the Jacksons who live just outside DC and welcomed me last time as well. I was grateful to be able to manny (male nanny verb) for Jatana so she could attend traffic court right before my departure from DC. Here are the DC Photos:

 This Scripture was over the sink near where I grabbed coffee every morning at the Jackson's and was the last thing I read and prayed before I left for NY. 
In fact, as I left I was a little bummed because I hate goodbyes and I was tired or driving and being a tourist by this time. So God in His mercy even used the Road Signs to get my attention when I got out of the city and into the countryside heading to NY:

As soon as I arrived in NY on Thursday April 26th JOn and I went to Clayton NC among the Thousand Islands to work on His wife Tracey's 2nd Spa!
They welcomed me to their home and family. Thanx especially to Tristan for giving up his bed. I stayed there and shared on Sunday morning and sang that morning and Sunday night again at Smithville Baptist where they attend.

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