Friday, April 27, 2012

Update: April 24th 2012

Hi Mes Amis! I can't believe that in just a few days I have criss-crossed the East Coast from MB to Charleston to our nation's Capital. I presented on Sunday 4/22 and sang at several services at All Saints. The Main presentation was during the Rector's Hour. I listened carefully to Father Ed share about the church in the days preceding and to his sermon before my own presentation and let God take control of what I would share. Recently someone compared how I desire to love and equip people with how Francis Chan does. WOW!
So that prompted me to challenge All Saints with Chan's words at the Catalyst Conference. He reminded us how the Bible says of several, Enoch and Noah, that they walked with God. Others heard Him speak and obeyed, no matter the cost. Their lives were, like Oswald Chambers', Abandoned to God!
I WANT that to be said of me. "And Ricardo walked with God..."
Don't you want God to be able to see and say the same of you?
I also challenged them to use their passport for the kingdom this next year (borrowed from Dr.David Powers at The Pilgrimage Church in Surfside SC).
The Spirit moved both me and the congregation in a powerful way!
They asked thoughtful intelligent questions about France, my upbringing and how God pointed me to France. Some took monthly pledge cards. Best of all there was a friend of France, French speaker or French native at every service, bible study or luncheon I attended while here! Maybe even a future teammate in France.
One lives halftime in DC and half in France and is connected to 2 other church-planting groups there?!?!
I have been encouraged and am sure these opportunities to proclaim Christ, and the church's mission were divinely appointed! I travel Thursday to join Jon and Tracey Bartholomew and present at their church Sunday 4/29.
It seems I may have an opportunity to travel just 4 more hours after that to Toronto to meet my first Godson Mathieu, son of Kathy and Phillipe, whom I met while teaching in Paris in 97-98, to share this ministry and the Gospel with them!

Financial News: 93.75%! About $400 in monthly pledges to go!

Final Note-Exciting news: my visa application is 90% complete. I have to have one doc professionally translated into Eng then notarized by my agency and I'm waiting on one other doc from a French agency.
Then I can request an appointment with the French Embassy. After that apps seem to take only 3 wks to process!
Things are moving along quickly now!
Merci to all who are praying and following this journey. You leverage all of the might of heaven to move mountains here on Earth...simply by faithfully praying. Thank you!
Please let me know how I can pray for YOU?
All my love in Christ

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