Friday, June 24, 2011

Training Update from NC at CIT

Training in NC is going well. Heavy work load, requiring significant self-analysis to learn how to present just the Gospel so the French hear the Gospel, not Ricardo's American Christianity. I'd like to remind readers that I am still available to travel to your area to share. I am at about 66% but still need monthly partners to join us until we reach 100%. ONLY then can I actually move and join the work already in progress in France. So if you can help give me a call. Or you can take the initiative and present about France FOR me in your small group! : )
I can travel the following dates:

July 8th-10th
July 23-24th
August 13th-14th
August 20th until ???
(843)446-3348 or to schedule.

For those who want send cards or letters of encouragement : )
Ricardo L.Walker
c/o CIT PO Box 250
Union Mills, NC 28167

OR...ONLY FOR UPS or other special package delivery:
Ricardo L.Walker
c/o CIT
6494 Hudlow Rd.
Union Mills, NC 28167

To donate & partner with me for France with Brie church
1-Go to
2-Click Give
3-Click Register (to Create an Account)
4-Click Missionary and choose Walker, Ricardo 31348 from a drop down list
5-Make your first donation and set it as recurring! A bientot (see ya soon)!

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