Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somebody Loved

Somebody Loved-France Update
Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.
Prayer: God may we feel Your delight and hear Your rejoicing. May Your love save, quiet  and heal us. And may our hearts and faces reflect that love to the world around us every day!
     It has been an amazing week. I spoke Sunday at Trinity AME Church in the Carver's Bay Community of rural Georgetown, South Carolina. I was nervous because the only person I knew, Rev. Gloria Ford, the one who had invited me, was not going to be present. I arrived in time to hear Sunday School. the message was about how to Serve God by serving others the way Christ served/serves. What a great intro for my presentation later! Then as service began I learned it was Youth Sunday and the service would conclude with a short Black History Program of music, history and poetry.
       I felt like God had made me feel at home by providing a setting that was 99% similar to the church experience I had every Sunday growing up:
the youth choir marched in singing, led the responsive readings, read the scripture and provide almost all of the music. In my presentation I was able to reference all of these things on the foundation of how I believe God has called me to serve Him in France. I applauded the congregation for the way it is mission and compassion oriented in their own community and worldwide and for how the young people are being discipled and challenged to live and learn their faith to the maximum.

       I closed the presentation with the story of David Braesch who accepted Christ at 15 years old at the end of our conversation in the summer of 2005. Sunday was his 21st birthday but it reminded me of his spiritual birth almost 6 years ago. He is still living out his faith but in a culture where he is the only Follower of Christ He comes into contact with on a daily/weekly basis in his entire city!
        I left Trinity with some one-time support and several families in the church took my information and asked about how to set up monthly support!!! In closing the Pastor was so welcoming but tried his best to matchmake for me afterwards! Awkward, lol! Not really! There such a home-like feeling because of our bond in Christ. I loved it! The best moment was when I sang after my presentation. "I AM" by Eddie James When I repeated the chorus the youth choir began to sing along! I was wrecked by the overflow from that anointed and generous response!!! That was my first time leading worship alone for an African American group! What a blessing!
Support Update:
       I also have about 12 new partners/families over the last week up to today!!! Today two long-time buddies joined our team and it really moved me- the sacrifice they are making because of our relationship and their faith in what God is doing in France!!!
       I close with 2 personal updates.
      First I have to thank all the people who helped fill the pantry and the refrigerator with groceries! I am grateful and sometimes moved to tears while I'm cooking or eating when I think how, like the birds or the air and the lilies of the field...He has provided more than I needed or wanted! Thank you for being His hands and feet!
      Lastly, I have felt a little isolated so please pray I would not schedule my friends and family OUT of my life in order to see this Mission succeed. I have had so many opportunities to share that conflicting schedules and just being tired have kept me from recharging in the glow of fellowship with those I love most. I am being more intentional already. The song/video is how renewed time with Jesus-in-the-flesh of my brothers and sisters in Christ makes me feel...Loved.

Rain turns the sand into mud
Wind turns the trees into bone
Stars turning high up above
You turn me into somebody loved

Nights when the heat had gone out
We danced together alone
Cold turned our breath into clouds
We never said what we were dreaming of
But you turned me into somebody loved

Someday when we're old and worn
Like two softened shoes
I will wonder on how I was born
The night I first ran away from you

Now my feet turn the corner back home
Sun turns the evening to rose
Stars turning high up above
You turn me into somebody loved

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