Saturday, November 24, 2012


November has flown by. The staff and key volunteers meet every Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons to pray, plan and train so we can provide times for God to speak to and transform our Brie family.
Pray with us for the score of families that are just beginning their walk with the Lord or even just hearing Him calling them to Himself for the first time. It wouldn't be accurate to call them completely atheist but neither are they christians yet but they are being drawn beautifully to Him in such a natural way! Our church family is made up mostly of seekers or new new christians.

We also ask for specific prayer for the government permit to meet officially at the new property. Our request has had to be defended at the highest level of government by our association leaders because of preliminary refusals based on potential parking risks and shortages. We really recognize it now as warfare and are praying for a breakthrough! Pray with us for this YES to come ASAP : )

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Here are phtoto's of our intimate Thanksgiving with my American teamates, Nicolette (also an American friend of my teammates) and her daughters, and one French family!

 Here are some photos from my walk-abouts in Brie-Comte-Robert where I live. It's mostly gray now but these photos I caught on rare sunny days really show how beautiful it is.

 The French have more holidays than I can count. Kids had almost 2 weeks recently. Some of the dedicated volunteers and staff came in and spackled and primed 3 days in a row! The giving spirit of the people we are serving really amazes me!
 Jonathan was the only expert spackler so he came behind and touched up everyone's rough drafts.

 And of course then we had to end with lunch together. Half of the ministry here happens over meals. I don't know if they are capable of sharing without food : )

This set is all from Brie-Comte-Robert. I began to notice that God can be found in the names everywhere! Sadly they are sign people walk past everyday without a real encounter with Him! But we're here to change that!
"God's Grace"
 Galilee Street
 Pastor's Neighborhood (not literally)

 Signs of the Cross
 Lastly I have begun to be able to Skype and Facetime with folks back in the States. Here is me, my sis, and my mom! We all couldn't stop smiling! It did my heart good!
 Some photos from the latest kid's ministry production : )

 Me and the Pastor's daughter...she is such a cutie!

 Skyping with my Godson Micah and his parents Kinsey and AC

 See you back here in December : )

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