Thursday, July 23, 2009

A week in the Life

It's been a crazy good week already even though I'm on furlough from work for the next month!
New sponsors whose finances improved enough for them to make a 1st time pledge!
Some reunions and encounters that were God at his surprising best!
A couple of affirmations that even thru all my flaws the joy of the Lord that is MY strength is somehow visible.
Man night! We ate burgers with 3 different meats. Bacon, Beef, and Hotdog. More importantly we chewed on the WORD and the power of the Gospel. We lamented where the Bride of Christ is lacking and explored how she might again gain her effectiveness and Spirit-led beauty. We lifted high the Christ of repentance and redemption. We confronted our own personal idols and blind spots. There were moments where I knew that not the man before me but God himself was speaking to us.
I am trying to harness the gift that time was into preparing for my Presentation on Missions in France this Sunday.
Please pray for an end to a 4 day bout with congestion. And please pray thru Sunday that God would guide me to share the most compelling testimony of this calling to Foreign Missions with one aim: Glorifying Him.

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